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You may think that this fragmentation is not important, because the computer is still able to save the files so that you can still use them. And when you delete files, these little spaces are free to save new files, and that is how the new files get fragmented. But if you have a new operating system, such as Vista, you will notice that defragmenting takes place not through a conventional program you can open and scan with, but as a background process.

. This type of fragmentation will ultimately slow the performance of the computer because it needs times to find the free space and move parts of the file in the free spaces. This will increase the access to data and the speed of retrieval of this data. Many disks can become severely fragmented over time, and this is why it is vital to run a defragment program on your computer on a regular basis. 

Fragmentation of files is caused when you create files and delete files and folders on your computer. 

Free space fragmentation is the free space on a disk that is not contiguous. Nearly any file is susceptible to fragmentation. Instead, the file is saved in pieces throughout the volume of the disk.

The point of a defrag program is to optimize your computer usage, so you will want to make sure that you are keeping your system running well with a defrag program. They are saves in the first available space, and usually that is not together. 

So any defragmenting software will work to rewrite the disk volume. Computers usually do not save the entire file of folder in one single space of the disk. But this fragmentation slows the computer's file input and output performance. Most computer systems have the built in Disk Defragmenter program, but there are also other defragmenting programs on the market. The point of a defragmenter is to help your computer system achieve peak levels of performance and be reliable in all its function. Programs like this will support maintenance of disk efficiency and keep your system running at peak performance. This helps to keep the system clean from fragmented files and fragmented free space. 

There are two different types of fragmentation: file fragmentation and free space fragmentation.Defragging a computer is a common occurrence, but most people do not understand what hyrongwei exactly a defrag program will do to your computer. This means that any new files put on the volume will end up fragmented to find enough space to store the file on the computer. File fragmentation is where a file is stored in one location on a disk and described at contiguous. You can also fragment files by installing new software and downloading files form the internet. If it is not described this way, it will be fragmented, scattered across the volume in pieces. This will take all of the non-contiguous parts of a file and rewrite them on contiguous parts of the volume.

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