pnosis was utilised by stage hypnotists.


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What an interesting subject. Hypnosis has been around for a very long time, but it appears that we are only just beginning to understand it's ability.In our quick summary of hypnosis down the years, you may find yourself surprised by some of the applications it has been helpful for.

In the year 1841 James Braid created the name Hypnosis, before that it was known as Mesmerism. Braid opted to update the name for good reason as he now had a more complete understanding of how hypnosis actually worked. Users of Mesmerism had thought that it was because of some unique power or knowledge they had, which caused people to enter the unique state. James Braid discovered that the Hypnotist did not hold any magical ability, but rather the trance happened because of that which was happening in the subject's thoughts.

One of the earliest known people to write about auto-suggestion was Emile Coue. His system was heavily influenced by Braids findings before him. The concept of hypnosis being a self controlled state, in place of one dependent on the hypnotist was now becoming more plausible. The result was people could now start to use this ability to start making changes on a subconscious level.

Renowned Doctor of psychology Professor Sigmond Freud once rejected hypnotherapy as a fools game. Influenced by his slandering of hypnosis, a huge number of psychologists shied away from experimenting with it. His views completely changed about hypnosis after the print of his books, but his negative comments on hypnosis remained in the thoughts of people at the time. Subsequently the practise of hypnosis was utilised by stage hypnotists.

Psychologist Milton Erickson in the mid 1900's developed a style of hypnotherapy called indirect hypnosis, which has had an influence on many hypnotherapists today. This permissive kind of hypnosis was completely different to previous types of hypnosis; it has huge value for hypnotising subjects who struggled with more traditional approaches.

A big figure in hypnosis around the same time was Dave Elman, whose style was much more authoritative compared to Psychologist Milton Erickson. Dave Elman was famous for the kind of fast and no-nonsense approaches?, a lot of which are commonly used today. He excelled in educating anaesthesiologists in the use of hypnotic anaesthesia, his methods are effectively used to this day, painless childbirth and traditional analysis.

Ormond McGill, often referred to as "The Dean”, he wrote "The Encyclopaedia of Stage Hypnosis” and less well published for his hypnotherapy, in which he excelled. Many great hypnotists of today have been influenced by his hypnotic and therapeutic methods. The Dean died in 2005.

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