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We all are surrounded by the various types of fabrics. As, We use fabrics for both clothing as well decorating our personal space. But Generally, there are two kinds of fabric which we are using in our daily routine. These 2 fabrics are a) Natural fabric and b) Man-made fabric. If we discuss about the Natural fabrics, then it also broadly divided into two main categories that is fabric derived from Plant and animal fabric. The Natural fabric is very soft, smooth, breathable and never suffer from discoloration in sunlight. Further, there are various kinds natural fabrics that fulfill our day to day demands.

The most common and comfortable natural fabric is cotton. It is mattress fabric the oldest fabric which has served humans for many years. It grows around the seeds of the cotton plant and popularly used in the clothing industry. Heavyweight cotton such as cotton duck fabric is best suitable for shoes, tents, coal bags, tool bags, painters bags and much more applications. Cotton is having qualities such as flame retardant, hypo-allergenic, easy to wash, Good flexibility, wearing qualities, transmits water and a lot of more.Other than cotton, another widely used natural fabric is Jute. It is affordable by fabric for border everyone and 100% bio-degradable fabric. With the excellent qualities like economical, strong, reusable, repairable, Very tough, rough and much more, it usually used in soft luggage, carpets, inner spring webbing, car seats, sack packing, decoration and other similar applications. Jute fabric is also good insulator of electricity and heat.From the husk of coconut, the Coir fabric is obtained.

This fabric is used to make bags, sacks, doormats, brushes, string, rope, upholstery padding and much more. Coir fabric that is obtained from fully ripened coconuts is thick, strong and has high abrasion resistance. Apart from this, it is bio-degradable, water-resistant and stress resistant fabric. The fibers of Coir fabric are soft, strong and can withstand heat and salt water.If cotton is known as the "king of fabrics", then silk is popular as the "queen of fabrics". It is jacquard fabric one of the strongest fabrics in the entire world that is obtained from the cocoons of silk worms. This fabric has a smooth and soft texture that is not slippery. With low conductivity, silk fabric keeps the body warm during cold weather. This luxurious fabric is used for clothing, medical textiles and home furnishing purposes.These Natural fabrics are easily Woven, knitted, matted or bonded and then mattress ticking used for multiple applications. Moreover, these fabrics serve you for years without any hassle.

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