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Domestic Violence: Domestic violence term is used for the people who are bonded through law Hydro Flask 21 OZ Standard Mouth Water Bottle W Sport Cap Red , blood or personal intimacy. It is defined as an abusive behaviour in any relationship by one or both partners to maintain power and control over another. It is also known as domestic abuse, child abuse, and intimate partner violence (IPV). The various instances of domestic violence include physical aggression like hitting Hydro Flask 24 OZ Standard Mouth Water Bottle Pink , biting, restraining etc, or threats like sexual abuse Hydro Flask 24 OZ Standard Mouth Water Bottle Blue , controlling or domineering, emotional abuse, stalking or passivecovert abuse (like neglect). It may or may not constitute a crime Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 20 OZ Mint Green , depending on local severity and duration of specific acts.

Domestic violence exhibits on three levels namely-physical, mental and emotional. Physical violence can be direct or indirect. Direct violence includes unwanted contact, marital rape and murder. Indirect physical violence includes destroying objects Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 20 OZ White , abusing dependents and harming pets. Another slot of violence includes verbal threats, insults, non verbal threats like facial expressions Hydro Flask 18 OZ Wide Mouth Water Bottle Mint Green , body language, threatening gestures etc.

Domestic violence is nothing but a health problem that leaves psychological effects on human beings across all societies. It spoils the life of men, women Hydro Flask 18 OZ Standard Mouth Water Bottle Lemon Yellow , children and families. According to survey, women have been found to be more vulnerable to domestic abuse. They become victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse by their partner’s families Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 16 OZ Blue , and even strangers. This is just because of their weakness in terms of physical strength.

Domestic violence can destroy the future of the children. Children who witnessed domestic violence can themselves become abusers in their adult life. They started copying the violent behaviour they see, both as children and as adults. They may loose their self confidence or feel guilty and blame themselves for what is happening. They may develop stress-related problems in health.

Domestic violence awareness and documentation differs from country to country. In these days, various countries recognize the legal rights of partners who are into live in relationships. All humans whether men or women should be made aware that they are authorize to live their lives in a safe and healthy atmosphere. They also conduct their lives without fear of physical and emotional abuse. Domestic violence requires to be tackled very seriously as it severs health hazard to human beings. Lesbian and gay relationships have been granted legal rights in California to fight domestic violence between people who are trapped in unnatural sexual relationships.

It also hugely damaging to the state in terms of time and money spent by law enforcers Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 16 OZ Pink , courts and social activists. There are various social welfare organizations which are now being built with complete functional staff and shelter facilities for the victims of domestic world over.

So in brief we can say that the effects of domestic violence on human society are immeasurable. It is never eliminated from the world or society unless they refuse to tolerate it. It requires change in the basic nature of every human being in society world over. If the law does not implement punishments to those who violate others either in family or at work place, the weaker will continue to be violated and abused by the stronger.

There is law that has come into force against Domestic Violence. This new law is a landmark in an attempt to protect women against domestic violence. This bill extends to ban dowry related harassment by way of dowry demands. The law has proved effective, as it gives sweeping powers to a magistrate to grant protection orders in such cases.

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LONDON, March 6 (Xinhua) -- British police launched a new nationwide campaign on Monday calling on communities to help prevent terrorism attacks.

Britain's most senior counter terrorism officer, the Metropolitan Police's assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, launched the new Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) campaign, urging the public to report suspicious activity.

Rowley revealed that Britain's security services had prevented 13 potential terror attacks since June 2013.

The police appeal was announced as the terror threat becomes increasingly complex and varied, and comes as new figures show that information from the public has assisted counter terrorism police in a third of their most high-risk investigations.

Rowley told an audience of community and business leaders in Manchester that information from the public continues to play a significant part in recent successes in countering terrorism.

But he said police officers need even more information to help build better intelligence pictures on individuals or groups plotting attacks.

Meanwhile the terrorism threat in Britain remains at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.

In London, the Met's Police Security and Specialist Operations Commander Simon Bray said: "Advances in technology make it more complex and challenging for us to spot would-be terrorists, with radicalization taking place in a relatively short space of time using encrypted communications."

"We all remain vigilant and people act, by calling us confidentially, if they are concerned about any suspicious activity," Bray said.

Last year, a record number of people contacted Britain's confidential anti-terrorist hotline. The service received more than 22,000 calls.

Bray added: "In London we have excellent relations with our communities. These are the people that we depend on for information to help us keep Londoners safe. The number of calls and online reports we receive with information is increasing but we are appealing for even more."

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