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Diablo Immortal makes sense. Diablo has always had that format that would adapt well to mobile. I believe osrs gold a lot of us saw this coming eventually. but we also sincerely hoped for more love for this amazing series on PC where it all began. Where is Diablo Remastered? Where is Diablo 2 Remastered? Where is some actual new Diablo 3 content? Where is some Diablo 4 news? As some players know, RSorder is a professional and reliable OSRS Gold Store, it devotes its mind to RuneScape Gold service to all players. Our mission is providing Cheap and Safe RS 2007 Gold to our clients with high speed delivery. Players can buy RS 07 Gold very conveniently and simply. Before do any trade in the gaming market of Runescape, you should make one thing clear.Now The new version of Mobile is live, you can buy All RS products with mobile conveniently and quickly!

Comp is a huge incentive because it best in slot for literally everything. Tons of people log in after each update just to check if there a new comp req. Jagex knows this and uses comp reqs as a crutch to get people to do content, which is lazy design but easier than coming up with a new reward for every update.

If they going to stick with the status quo, they should introduce competition (ie, a 120 all cape that has worse combat stats than comp but gives every skillcape perk). That way skillers and edaters can have their own thing and don need to buy leeches for every pvm update, which makes comp a farce. They already done this to a limited extent with skillcape perks because now you actually wear skillcapes for specific uses instead of comp everywhere, but there still no real alternative.

Alternatively they can take the big tent approach and just make comp easy to get. The story mode option for pvm lets them develop very difficult content that players technically still have to engage in to keep comp.I think Jay is a really interesting statistic, because of the negative net effect he has. Here why:

In terms of making comp even more difficult, I think it kind of silly because they already created things that are more prestigious which fewer players have (trim, ifb, max runescore). To go back and try to make comp really hard to get now would be a difficult change to get the community to accept. I like to see difficult non pvm content like skilling bosses, though.

The game is actually not of two halves, a statistically proven fact when the variation of every championship winning team basically ever's offensive winning is more important than their defense, except for one team in the past 20 years, I believe. People who say the game is of two halves are remarkably ignorant of basic historic facts. Imagine you're on offense. A truly good offensive player gets offensive loads of almost 50%, meaning that they're going to be involved with almost 50% of the offense. It's just impossible to be involved with nearly 50% of the defense, not even close to that. And that's not even considering that offensive load misses the fact that honestly almost every possession a star might have the potential to go for points.

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