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Today, garage equipment suppliers provide a large number and category of garage car or automotive lift systems to meet the requirements of different vehicles/parking facilities/home garages. Particularly, most of the garage equipment suppliers provide a common type of car/garage lift system i.e. 2 Post Car Lift Installation system.2-Post Car Lifts SpecialtiesSpecialty of these lift systems is that it has lift arms at its each column, all of which undergo control hydraulically, mechanically and electronically. Two post lift systems have found their wide applications in almost every type of car garage repairing shops and they gained popularity for home-based car DIY mechanics.Two-Post Type Lifts Uplift Cars to 6 FeetThe main objective of two-post type garage car lift system is to uplift cars and other heavy automobiles about 6 feet from the ground floor to allow easy access to each part on their below portion while it stands up. The lift contains two posts, which house sliding arms to provide full support to the overall weight of any car, which in turn rise or low through different buttons connected to the device. Moreover, these garage lifts are useful because of their low footprints, which make such systems highly unobtrusive and perfect options for various home garages, which have limited spaces to work.How Two-Post Lifts WorkLifting machinery present in any 2-post lift performs its functions based on hydraulic principle by using a controlling panel to power a pump.

This pump creates varying among of pressure to supply to pistons present within its arms. Prime power source for 2 post car lift installation is 220 Volts of electricity supply. Each modern model of this lift incorporates electronic control centers to monitor and regulate the pistons’ status to allow the safest possible usage of such machines.Surface Mounted 2-Post LiftsMost of the garage owners and professionals dealing with garage car lift system usually define 2 post lifts as surface mounted lifting systems. Reason for this is that these lift systems eliminates the requirement of any excavation task over the ground or floor before starting with installation process. Rather, professionals use heavy bolts to lock the available two posts to downward direction. Moreover, because of the floor comes with suitable thickness of about 3 inches, it becomes enough to provide support to the lifting device throughout its complete life-cycle.In conclusion, 2-post lifting systems constitute a useful addition to any workshop or home garage of car users/enthusiasts.


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