Permanent Laser Hair Removal Benefits


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As shaving comes with painful ingrown hair and dark areas, tweezing and waxing bring about pain. So, what other ways can you remove hairs from your skin in peace without having to deal with those issues? Laser hair removal method might be what you need to consider now.

Many hate shaving or waxing but only tolerate it because they have to. But with laser treatment, the story might change. This hair removal treatment is prevalent, and the good news is it can help remove those hairs permanently. If you have heard of lasers before, now you have. Also if you have heard about it but do not know what it is all about, you may want to read this article to the end.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a hair removal process whereby the hair follicles are exposed to laser light. As these laser light pulses beam into the hair follicles, the pigments absorb the light and destroy the hairs therein. This process may also permanently reduce hair growth (especially when frequently done). In the mid-1990s, this hair removal method was made available for commercial purposes after it was experimented for about twenty years. Today, you can do your laser hair removal at home because it has grown that much.

Lasers can be used to remove hairs on the underarm, arm, leg, face, the bikini areas and so on. There are no limits as to where you can use lasers on.

Is laser hair removal permanent forever?

When frequently used for about three to seven sessions, you may experience a kind of permanent hair loss in the area you use it on. However, it can be referred to as a semi-permanent hair removal method. It doesn’t take off the hair forever a hundred percent, but it can drastically reduce your hair growth. With the rate at which the hair growth decreases, you may decide to stop shaving.

Laser hair removal benefits

Reduces hair growth: Laser hair removal offers a semi-permanent hair removal. This means that it is capable of giving you a drastic reduction of hair growth; therefore you may never need to shave again.
Minimal limits: It has no little limit as to where you can use it on. It can work on any part of the body except a few places, (i.e., genitals) and it covers large areas at a time, making the process fast.
Goodbye to ingrown hairs: With the laser hair removal method, you can say goodbye to the ugliness and pains of ingrown hairs. If you shave often, you will understand what I mean! What’s more? The treatment can even serve as a remedy to existing ingrown hairs.
Reasonably painless: It is common for people to ask: “is laser hair removal painful?” When compared with waxing, laser process is very much less painful. Operators use cooling gels or ice before/after the laser treatment to make the process less painful. While you might still feel some sensations, the process is bearable. The little discomforts you may feel is some sorts of prickle because the hairs are being zapped. However, it is not expected to hurt you. As you progress with the treatment, it gradually becomes much more painless.
Reduced side effects: Although there are side effects to using this hair removal method, the side effects are minor ones and do not last for a long time.
Cost Effective: It may appear expensive at the beginning, but eventually you will realize it is better than your frequent waxing or constant purchase of razors and hair removal creams. Eventually, you may not need the hair removal procedures anymore or for a very long time since laser treatments are semi-permanent. It is what I call “a beauty investment.”
No surface hair required: For waxing, you need to wait for some amount of hair to grow before you can wax. Diverse is the case for lasers. It is, in fact, better to shave when your next session is close by. That way, your skin will be protected from scorching.
It works!: within three to seven laser hair removal sessions, you can begin to witness “permanent” hair loss.

Laser hair removal cost
An amount of $235 per session is the average cost for diode laser hair removal as stated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Nevertheless, the cost of having a laser hair removal treatment will vary based on some factors such as the amount of skin you’re doing and where you are having the procedure. Some skincare salons and clinics charge as high as $1050 for female underarm treatment for eight sessions, around $1400 for the full bikini for eight sessions. Also, the chest area can cost over $2400.


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