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Whether you are just learning to cook or doing it for years, it is inevitable that you will make some share of mistakes in the kitchen. car fire extinguisher Even the good cooks and chefs also make mistakes. A single cooking mistake may lead to a disappointing dish. Cooking videos not only teach you how to cook but also teach you how to love cooking. But do you know what really goes on in the kitchen while watching Indian cooking videos or shows that chefs won’t tell you. But do you know what actually happens behind the scenes?  Let’s have a look at the mistakes of Indian cooking videos: Chefs don’t create their own recipes: Chefs don’t have much time. They are either busy on their TV shows or somewhere else. They would pay someone else to write recipes. Only some of them know how it is prepared.  When chefs forget to say something important, you don’t see their face: When you are watching a recipe and all of a sudden you don’t see the chef’s face, instead you see a close-up bowl or their hands only and you hear them saying add a teaspoon of cinnamon. This is called voice-over and it happened when chefs forgot to say something important. Sometimes dishes they taste are stone cold: There are people in kitchen behind the scenes who are cooking a bunch of versions of the same recipe so that it will be ready at different stages. Due to this, sometimes the recipe is prepared before and it’s stone cold. But the chef may be saying "Mmm," but it’s awful. 

Chefs also burn things: When it happens, chefs just make sure to pick it up with the charred side away from the camera and never flip it. They don’t tell how much calories are there: While more chefs are acknowledging that they have responsibility to people’s health but you are never going to see the calorie counts when making hot chocolate cake. Poor knife skills and eating baked goods: Best Indian cooking recipes also have errors. Poor knife handling and eating baked good directly from the oven are some of the cooking videos errors.  Chefs also make mistakes: Towels catch on fire, food gets dropped on the floor and they also get cuts and burns. But unless you are watching them live, you can’t see anything.

There is no clue which brand’s ketchup and baking powder is used: That’s because there is a graphic artist whose job is to change the product’s name by creating new labels. That’s not the real kitchen showing in the video: In most cases, chefs are not cooking in the kitchen, they are working on sets.

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