How much risk is laser hair removal? What are the side effects?


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Compared to electrolysis, waxing or tweezers, laser hair removal is relatively safe and painless, with minimal intervention on the skin surface. This treatment works best for people with lighter skin and dark hair. It does not provide substantial results for people with white, gray, light brown, gold brown, light red or blond hair. Permanent and longevity hair removal benefits may require many treatments.

Our skin is not adversely affected by laser surgery because our skin cools faster than the hair follicle. Treatment can also be accomplished by using a cold compressor to soothe the skin, thereby reducing the risk.
Although lasers for permanent hair removal are very safe, there may be some possible risk factors and complications during or after treatment. Understanding the potential side effects and dangers of permanent laser hair removal allows you to make informed decisions about treatment management and safe maintenance.

Side effects and risk factors associated with laser hair removal

The skin color and tone change, the side effect of laser hair removal is the change of skin color, which is also called "hyperpigmentation" and "low pigmentation".

Hyperpigmentation is a blackening of the skin that may occur after laser hair removal treatment is completed. The laser can promote the production of melanin most frequently, resulting in the same reaction as sunburn. Conversely, pigmentation is a brightening of the skin that occurs after laser hair removal treatment. In some cases, absorption of the laser can prevent the production of melanin, resulting in loss of pigment. Similar to pigmentation, pigmentation is also more common in patients with darker skin. Moreover, although hyperpigmentation is "mainly" reversible, hypopigmentation is not the case.

1. Laser hair removal causes skin and hair burns

One of the common side effects associated with non-professional diode laser hair removal procedures is burns, bursts or flame skin. These complications can occur if the skin absorbs laser energy instead of the hair follicle. It is important to note that, although rare, permanent laser hair removal burns occur more frequently in patients with deeper skin because pigments with darker skin absorb the laser more frequently. Although most laser hair removal burns are not serious or uncontrollable, there are some cases of the slightest burns.

Before performing an operation, it is important to determine if a person is suitable for laser hair removal to reduce the risk of burns and other potential side effects.

Most examples of burns are the result of laser hair removal, performed by professional non-qualified or inexperienced surgery. Skilled by inexperienced people, skills will definitely increase the risk of laser hair removal complications. Because there are indeed acceptable standards for laser hair removal practitioners, future patients must use their own disposal.

Make sure that the cosmetic center or dermatologist you visit is a technical upgrade and the latest hair removal system, and avoids the diagnosis of blowing out almost free laser permanent hair removal prices, which looks incredibly good. Costs below the normal level of treatment quality below normal levels are usually specified.

2. Eye injury

Laser surgery can cause eye injuries, not eye injuries, but wearing UV-resistant glasses is essential for eye protection during the surgery provided by laser technicians.

3. Scarring

Improper performance of laser treatment can lead to scarring and scarring around the treated area. For people who are very sensitive to the skin, mild bruising can also occur. These side effects occurred during the first few days of laser surgery and disappeared shortly. The rarest side effect is the purple skin of the sunburned area.

4. Itching and redness

Although itching is completely normal during treatment and after treatment with itching or red burst at the treatment site, you can use topical creams to relieve pain. In some cases, the skin may turn red for a few days, and the hair follicles will swell around after treatment, but it will naturally disappear.

5. Stinging or numbness

This factor! Ok, it's not true. The laser is a bit stinging or stinging near the treatment site. It is usually the most common side effect that can be solved. Some people may also experience numbness around the treated skin.

6. Infection

Although the rarest, another side effect of laser hair removal machine is an infection. This condition is very rare and only occurs when the area to be treated is not thoroughly cleaned before and after treatment.

7. Blisters

Laser hair removal is very rare but can occur in patients with darker skin.

The main cause of laser hair removal in patients is

Using the wrong laser for a specific skin type
Laser device setting error
Insufficient cooling or variable
Use IPL hair removal instead of real laser


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