No one told you about 10 things about laser hair removal


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Maybe this is the beginning of summer, so the bikini season, but we have been considering laser hair removal recently. If you are interested in putting a dice or razor to support a longer-term solution, be sure to read the information about the process before making an appointment. Here are 10 things that no one has told about laser hair removal.

1. It will take a while. Most diode laser hair removal treatments are effective for long-term hair removal after 6-8 treatments, with an interval of 8-12 weeks, so be prepared for a long process.

2. The fees vary. The cost of upper lip treatment is much lower than the cost of leg treatment. Prices range from $50 per meeting in smaller areas to $800 per meeting in larger areas, depending on the facility you are participating in.

3. Start with the test patch. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may have an adverse reaction to laser treatment. Typically, you will start with a small test patch from a less visible area (such as your majesty) to ensure that the laser is working properly in the area where you want to remove the hair.

4. The best results come from pale skin, dark and rough hair. Because the role of lasers is for dark pigments, the best choice for laser hair removal is those with pale skin and dark hair. However, these treatments can still be used for different skin tones and hair types.

5. Do not wax beforehand. Do not wax or scorpion the area you are treating for about six weeks before the start of the first treatment. However, shaving is possible because the laser is still able to recognize the hair follicle.

6. Pigmentation may occur. This is not common, but one of the side effects of laser hair removal is the possibility of pigmentation on the skin. This is another reason why test patches should be used before committing to the entire region.

7. Pain is not common. Most people compare the feeling of laser hair removal and rubber bands on the skin, but depending on your pain threshold, you may feel more or less pain.

8. It is not always permanent. Although laser hair removal machine does help to permanently reduce hair, it does not permanently remove hair. You will need treatment in the future.

9. Your skin will be a bit red. After treatment, your skills may be a bit red, similar to sunburn. This should disappear in a day or so, but if not, please consult your provider or dermatologist.

10. Keep the water warm. Avoid hot showers, steam baths and hot tubs for a few days after treatment because heat can irritate the skin.


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