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SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a group of softwares which was developed by the SAS institute for the purpose of statistical analysis. The SAS online training program is designed with an aim to impart an in-depth knowledge of SAS programming language Wholesale Washington Redskin Jersey , SAS tools, and various advanced analytic techniques to the learner. Without any doubt, it can be said that the domain of data analytics is a vast domain. It also would not be any wrong to say that the future scope in this domain is also very bright in the corporate world. However, to start a career in this domain you need to learn basic as well as advanced data analytics skills. Not to worry Wholesale New York Giants Jersey , the proper training on SAS that provides a combined knowledge of both SAS Base and Advanced can aid you in providing these skills.
Here, you can have a glimpse of SAS Base as well as Advanced and what are the understandings that the training is going to provide you:

SAS Base

The SAS Base training provides knowledge about the foundation of data analytics and is highly recommended for the nascent individuals, who want to learn the basic skills required to pursue the field of data analytics. The following are the learning outcomes of the SAS Base training:

Writing SAS program
Reading data from raw data files, database Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jersey , and spreadsheet
Formatting and manipulating data and executing data transformation
Reading and customizing data sets
Generating reports
Creating permanent formats
Selecting variables and writing observations
Using the PUTLOG statement for debugging
Restructuring and combining data sets

SAS Advanced

After getting a fair share of knowledge on SAS Base, you can upgrade your knowledge with the help of advanced SAS training. The following are the learning outcomes of the SAS Advanced training:

Writing SAS® Macro code and programs
Solving complex problems using advanced DATA step programming statements
Using conditional logic in the Query Builder to create new columns multiple value prompts
Using functions to convert the data type from character to numeric and vice-versa
Manipulating characters and Constructing sub-queries

You can learn SAS online which provides the simplest way to enhance your familiarity with this topic as it allows you to learn things at the place and the time of your choice. And with the option to choose your place and time, you will be able to learn peacefully and grasp more and more from the online training.

Visit: http:/...base-online-training

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