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Posted by Winniem in Health on October 8th Off White Nike Vapormax White Sale , 2018

Applied psychology study has various applications in the real world, both in the community and the entire world. The main focus is the relevance of community psychology topic of study. Community psychologists perform their work in the natural environment rather than sticking to laboratory experiments. The popularity of community psychology has increased greatly as new people tend to take the course. For example, the field has extended to produce professional testing and clinical psychologists who work in the hospital setting. Community psychology focuses on establishing relationships between individuals and the social systems within the community. As a result, the community psychologists have to grapple social and mental health issues by conducting extensive research within the community settings (Zwan Off White Nike Vapormax Black Sale , 2012).

Community psychology is a form of applied psychology studies that focuses on the provision of service to the community and conducting research that relates to environmental, social science. Not only does the psychologist majors in scientific and professional discipline but also gains an intellectual orientation. Just like community mental health studies and clinical psychology, community psychology study focuses on promoting human welfare. However, the study of community psychology was brought up because they were dissatisfied with the services of clinicians of identifying mental health problems in an individual. The community psychologists can easily locate mental health threat within the social environments or even identify the situations that may not make humans fit in a given social environment (Russell & Jarvis Nike Vapormax Off White Sale , 2003).

Community psychology topic is highly relevant in the social setting as a scholar is able to locate the issues before they begin, instead of waiting for the issues to increase and grow bigger. By having the applied understanding of the social environment, a psychologist is capable of improving the social situations and the social way of living. By learning the topic, psychologists can achieve three key goals. Firstly Nike Vapormax Pink Sale , they can develop and analyze the policies and programs that help individuals manage the stress and problems within the environment. Secondly, they can analyze the situations and teach individuals within the community on how to solve issues before they grow huge. Finally, they can research and implement the strategies that enable the people in the community to be productive in their undertakings (Sanetti & Kratochwill, 2014).

Analysis and Summary

The following is a discussion of five scholarly articles (journals) that base their arguments on applied psychology.

Intervention Effects on Safety Compliance and Citizenship Behaviors: Evidence from the Work Nike Vapormax Grey Sale , Family, and Health Study

The study was conducted so as to find the possible ways of managing stress in the workplace, homes and at the individual level. The management of work-home responsibilities has been found a challenging task especially for those who have minimum wages and those who work for hours before getting back home. The policies and programs are known to be available to those who work with major companies and those who work professionally. As a result of such issues, the research was conducted to determine the best interventions that would impact on the business outcomes of employees and their workplace. The researchers analyzed the conditions that would favor the intervention procedures especially among those who received low wages and salaries in the organizations they worked. The study considers safety as a primary concern in the health care environment since transmission of diseases Nike Vapormax White Sale , and related injuries could easily get transferred to employees (Nauriyal, Drummond & Lal, 2005).

Rewards and Creativity: Past, Present Nike Vapormax Black Sale , and Future

Muhammad and Arif write the article while researching the impacts of rewards in the creativity if individuals. The paper shows that rewards are key factors that improve upon the creativity of individuals. Those who are less likely going to be rewarded face difficulties in developing their careers or even improving their creativity. Both authors term creativity as a multidimensional construct that steers up organization’s growth and productivity. An organization with highly creative individuals can see the past, future and present situation and determine the best way to move forward (Martin, 2011).

The Psychological and Neurological Bases of Leader Self-Complexity and Effects on Adaptive Decision-Making

This article discusses the complexity of a leader as a key enabler to adaptation. The article explains adaptation as a process whereby a person gains some fit in behaviors and work demands that are created by novel problems that result from changes and uncertainty of work situations. Leader adaptability gets defined as the ability of leaders to improve their thoughts to perform required response to ill-defined, novel and changing decision-making situation. The paper claims that the greater complexity levels improve on a leader’s ability to differentiate different input and stimuli sources of the environment and to take the necessary actions and responses. Additionally Nike Vapormax Sale , it shows that a leader achieves more complexities with time and therefore they can successfully adapt to the ever-changing environment more easily with sufficient experience. LSC gets based on personal role in the management of the connection between the leader’s interaction with the social environment and his or her internal processes. With greater complexity levels, a leader’s ability to react and comprehend dynamically to decision-making circumstances (Weiner, 2003).

Social Media: A Contextual Framework to Guide Research and Practice

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