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I show you Madrid in Reyes Magos celebration
Reyes Magos is a great tradition in Spain an the best parade for children is here in Madrid. La mej...
Chema Ene 03 2014, Viernes
I show you Madrid in Christmas time
The center of Madrid in Christmas time is a very nice place to visit. If you are around I could...
Chema Dic 19 2013, Martes
Come to Madrid on March, I¡ll be your cicerone
I can show you Madrid from my point of view, my favourites restaurants, parks, monuments....I'll be ...
Chema Mar 01 2014, Sábado
Madrid on April....good place to visit
Nice walks, people, food, tapas, wine....in my version
Chema Abr 02 2014, Miércoles
I show you Madrid in May
I can show you my favorite places, restaurants, parks. Or go for running, visiting museums....y...
Chema May 12 2014, Lunes