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What I can do in Myholiways

Welcome to Myholiways

"I'll show you my city"

We offer you a way to meet individuals, families or groups so that they can meet in travels made for the reason that everyone has. Leisure , learning languages ​​, learning about other cultures.

You can meet people without leaving your city because other people visit it or in your own travels to other cities.

You can bring them to your favorite sites (bike routes, running, waking in the park, restaurants) and give a personalized view . You can help in different situations: translation in the doctor, shopping, restaurant .... You can choose the destination first and then the person or not close the destination until you have found the person that fits to your profile.

Note your availability in "When I show you my city"

You can send us the most important events and celebrations in your city so that we can publish them and then you can meet more people or offer your professional services (
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We are on Facebook and Twitter, please follow us. Thanks